Bandit's Off to Ely Again - Day 3: Lazing Around

Saturday 29th October 2016 - Day 3 of our third holiday to Ely.

Time - 1330hrs:
This morning we woke up beside the Swan on the River at Littleport. It was a calm, quiet evening last night and remained like that until morning. We had a delicious fry up which we cooked onboard and then moved to the other side of the river to fill the water tank at one of the Environment Agency's provided water points. We then set off for Ely again.
Bandit moored at The Swan on the River, Littleport this morning
Getting ready to set off
Brimming the water tanks

The long straight part of the river was clear again so we gave Bandit some throttle to ensure all was okay after having to remove the two duo-props last night after the incident with someone's red ensign flag... All was well but the starboard engine has developed some sort of problem. We noticed it going down to Littleport yesterday so it's nothing as a result of the propeller issues. Both engines will rev to 2500rmp and get Bandit smoothly on the plane, running at about 24 knots. The starboard engine then drops in revs to about 1500rmp, almost like there's been a loss of petrol at the carburettor. It then picks back up a couple of seconds later and remains to do this cycle. We didn't know whether it's something to do with our slightly bent props (which we only discovered when we removed them yesterday) as there's quite a wobble through the boat. There's not badly bent at all so this seems unlikely. We're not sure what's causing this problem but no doubt we'll get to the bottom of it. Not before our holiday afloat ends, however. We don't want to be bogged down in the engine bays anymore on this trip so we'll see to it when we're back at base.

We're currently moored back at Ely outside The Cutter Inn pub/restaurant watching the river and boats go by. We'll move off in a couple of hours and make our way to the Five Miles From Anywhere pub where we'll stay the night on their moorings with 240v power and set off tomorrow morning for Saint Ives.
Moored outside The Cutter Inn, Ely
Looking upstream from our mooring at Ely Quayside
A beautiful steel cruiser entering Ely
Nimbus 35DC - 'Chloe's Mad Moments'
Entering Ely
Nimbus 35DC - 'Chloe's Mad Moments'
Moored behind us at Ely Quayside
Nimbus 35DC - 'Chloe's Mad Moments'
Moored behind us at Ely Quayside
The Captain's Table
Floating restaurant, Ely
The large fleet of hire craft from Bridge Boatyard, Ely
Goodbye, Ely!

Time - 1700hrs:
We're now here at the Five Miles From Anywhere pub watching the calm river and sunset. It's such a lovely place here and we can sit in the pub's garden on chairs looking over at Bandit and the other boats moored here for the night. We'll head in later and have a nice meal. We did get our £1.50 electricity token which provides us with £1 worth of electricity. That works out at 50p for a mooring or free if you don't pay for electricity hook up. We put the water heater on so we have plenty of hot water for any washing up and a nice warm shower later.
Moored up on the visitor moorings outside the Five Miles From Anywhere pub
Watching the sunset

While heading to the Five Miles pub, we've done some thinking regarding the wobbly starboard engine/bent propeller. This wobble occurred while heading to Littleport yesterday when we managed to pick up someone's ensign flag in the duo-props. We fear that what seemed a small incident may actually have damaged something on Bandit's starboard 290DP outdrive. Maybe it wrapped itself around the props and managed to bend the prop shaft? Seems unlikely but there's no other explanation for the drive wobble. The propeller isn't bent enough to effect the boat that much. She's coming out mid-November so we'll worry about it then. We have to remind ourselves to just enjoy our holiday on Bandit as it comes. No point getting bogged down about it yet...

Time - 2020hrs
We've been for our dinner at the Five Miles From Anywhere restaurant and me and Dad can both give the restaurant 5/5. The staff are incredibly friendly and jokey which is always a good thing. The food itself was delicious. I had a 1/2 pound beef burger, chips and salad and Dad had cod, chips and peas. Both of us can say it was, by far, the best version of our meals that we've ever had. Everything was perfect and to top it off, it was reasonably inexpensive too.

We now sit aboard Bandit in the warm with the diesel heating going. It seems we have a small diesel leak where the diesel feed pipe connects to the Eberspacher unit so we need to see to this one back at base. It doesn't really bother us at the moment as diesel isn't at all dangerous (unlike petrol) and it must only be a slight weep. Adding this to the endless to-do-list.

We have an early start tomorrow morning in order to get back to Saint Ives before it gets dark, but the clocks go back an hour tonight so it will actually be an hour earlier than usual. What would be a 0900 alarm actually gets us up at 0800 which isn't a bad thing.


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