A Day to Remember...

Today was, by far, a day to remember. I'm happy to say that all of the problems we've had with Bandit's engines over the last 8-9 months have come to an end and today, we've put her to the test...

There are very few places to open your boat up on the River Great Ouse but there's one bit after the Pike & Eel marina that the boatyard themselves use to test boats after having work done to their engines. There's plenty of depth and the river is fairly wide. We used this stretch today to give Bandit all she's got. Throttle to the dashboard, quite literally.

We went down there specifically to test her performance and our friends were down at the marina in their diesel 290. They hitched a ride with us as we unleashed all of Bandit's 410 horse powers. They wanted to see how different it was with twin 4.3l petrol and duo-prop drives compared to their diesel and single-prop drives. We had no idea what to expect. It's fair to say we had little faith as we're used to having problems and we've just never thought of our boat as the performance kind due to the fact that we never got a sea trial when purchasing and the engines just didn't seem capable, although producing 205hp each when new in 1991.

We got to the straight where we could get some speed and carefully put the throttles down, anticipating some sort of issue occurring. It was a scary moment but we were all stunned by how quickly she took off and got onto the plane. It was a truly fantastic moment to think we've had all these problems and we're now finally at the other end of it all. Here we are, in our Sealine hitting 30+ mph. The engines ran beautifully and sounded incredible - just how a 4.31 V6 should! We took two trips up this stretch and gave her all she had. It was fantastic and we all feel so differently about Bandit now. She is capable and although we've had bad problems, she's running as she did when she was new. We checked the engine bays after returning back to the marina and everything is 100% perfect. Nothing to report apart from good, clean, powerful engines.

So, what does this mean? We ARE going to hit The Wash next year with people from Denver Cruising Club now we know Bandit is fully capable and will get a good speed going.


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