VHF and Engine Parts

To kick things off, we've heard from the company that are refurbishing Bandit's distributor. And it's good news! They have said that it's in desperate need of a refurbish. The weights are badly rusted and the electronic module inside is badly corroded and not functioning well at all. That is, however, good news for us as we now know what was causing our long lasting problems. In total, it will cost us £205 for the refurbish plus shipping back to our home. They intend to get it refurbished and back to us before the end of next week. Fingers crossed for some noticeable changes.

When we purchased Bandit, we removed the old VHF DSC radio that was fitted to the boat and purchased a new Lowrance Link-5 VHF DSC radio. We had an identical model on our previous boat so it made sense to purchase a new one that we knew how to use and that looked nicer. Because the VHF is a different brand to the previous, the NMEA connections were different and so the new VHF has never connected to our Garmin 172C Chartplotter. While on holiday a couple of weeks ago, I spent hours trying to get the two units to talk to each other but to no avail. Today I did some further researching online and managed to get them connected. Now our Lowrance Link-5 takes our position from the plotter. Why is this important, though? If we were ever in an emergency at sea and needed to abandon ship, we can simply hit the distress button and flee the boat knowing that the VHF will take care of the situation. When that distress button is pressed, it sends a signal to surrounding vessels and the coastguard with the boat's position (taken from the plotter) and Bandit's MMSI number which tells them the boat name, size and an estimate of how many people could potentially be on board. It's very important to us that we have this DSC feature.
Wires everywhere as I bridge wired to the helm
The DSC functionality finally set up
Lastly, we took a trip up the river, using just our port engine, as it was such a sunny, calm evening. It just seemed a shame to not enjoy the weather before the cold, dark evenings set in. We stopped off at the riverside bar, The Dolphin Hotel, and had a drink by the river. A great day boating!
Relaxing on the front after a day at college
Heading up the river
Heading up the river
Bandit and our neighbouring boat from the marina, Destony 2 moored up at The Dolphin Hotel


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