The Snap Davit Project

Something that stood out when we first viewed Bandit at Chichester Marina in December of last year was the two Snap Davits fitted to the bathing platform.

When we had our previous boat, Bliss, I used to keep our 2.6m dinghy with 4hp Mariner outboard in front of the boat. When we went out and I wanted to bring the dinghy, we'd either tow it behind the boat or raise it up on the two stainless steel davits mounted to the stern of Bliss. With Bandit, we reverse her into the mooring so there is no room for the dinghy as the stern is against the rear pontoon. For the last eight months, the dinghy and outboard motor has been locked away in the garage at home, completely unused simply due to the lack of space on the mooring. I used to really enjoy using the dinghy and it was sad to discover it would no longer have a home on our pontoon, but at home, in the garage, all folded up.

So where am I going with this? Well, at the weekend or during the week, I'm going to have a look around the pontoon and see where we could potentially keep the dinghy. As I mentioned, a previous owner has fitted these expensive Snap Davits to the stern of Bandit so it seems a shame to not use the dinghy if we've got these. I'd simply need to buy some of the pads that bond to the PVC boat or find something similar online that will do the job (as the proper Snap Davits pads are quite expensive). We would look into getting an outboard motor bracket or better still, a mat we can lay on the stern platform and lay the engine on the platform with a chain and padlock.

How we hung the dinghy on Bliss
Bandit's snap davits


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