The Bow Thruster Project: Part 3 - Fitting The Thruster Controller

Firstly, we've officially decided that we will have Bandit hauled out shortly after the other boats at the marina are put on chocks for the winter. This should be in mid-November with any luck. She should hopefully only be out for four weeks max while we fit the thruster, see to some leaky hydraulic rams on the drives, check oil seals etc and polish the hull. The usual winter jobs in other words...

The thruster kit is currently sat at home while we wait for the haul out. Being very impatient, I decided to bring down some of the kit and look at where parts can be fitted. Bits such as the breaker switch, control panel and wiring. After deciding where the round chrome control panel will go, I thought I may as well fit it. We've decided to place the thruster control below the controls for the Eltrim Trim Tabs on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Over the years, someone fitted a Volvo Penta clock with the engine hours which run off the starboard side ignition switch. I have never used the clock and when we replace the gauges, we'll get two RPM gauges with digital hour meters built in so there is no need for this clock anyway plus it meant we didn't have to drill any huge holes unnecessarily. The control for the thruster will fall easily to hand as it is just below the throttle controls for the engines.

I think it looks really good there will fall easily to hand while manoeuvring the boat in tight or windy conditions. I look forward to finally connecting it up to the thruster motor in just a little over a month's time.


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