The Bow Thruster Project - Part 2: Delivery

Today three large parcels arrived. One long tube, one large box and one smaller box. I knew straight away what this was... Bandit's Side-Power SE40 bow thruster is here!

The long tube was the fibreglass tunnel for the hull, the large box housed the motor, drive gear and propeller and the smaller box housed the control unit, large fuse and holder, isolator knob, manual and invoice.

First impressions? Very happy with everything! The three boxes and tube was brilliant packaged up and everything was safely packed inside the boxes using foam. It's so brilliant to see that it was finally here, finally ours. I look forward to organising Bandit's slip date so we can get her out and fit it. No further information to whether we're going to be fitting it or leaving it to the boatyard but we will see shortly now that it's all here.

Chromed control unit
Motor and housing
The four main parts
All boxed up
Side-Power hull stickers. To locate the position of the thruster while the boat is in the water, I presume?
Wiring loom from thruster motor to control panel at the helm
Isolator knob
The huge main, inline fuse
Even the cat found the packaging interesting...


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