Refurbishing Volvo Penta Throttle Controls

While refurbishing Bandit's steering wheel, we've also been doing a couple of other things. Today, we finished the throttle control refurbishment. We've rubbed down the corroded arms, primed them three times and sprayed them three times with a satin black paint. Dad also used a very, very fine wet&dry sandpaper to rub down the yellowed plastic cover and then used some 'rapid grade paste compound' to shine it up again. It's amazing what a difference it's made. The cover is now as white as it was when it was new and it's got a great depth of shine. Overall, a great refurbishment to the controls. It makes the helm look so much better.

Total cost:
£10.95 (for primer paint, satin black paint and X2 sheets of wet&dry)

Time taken:
X1 day to rub down arms
X1 day to prime arms + drying time
X1 day to spray arms with satin black paint + drying time and reassembly


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