Refurbishing Bandit's Steering Wheel - Part 2

Today we finished the refurbishment to Bandit's wheel.

In total, Dad managed to get forty coats of the varnish on the wheel so it'll be very hard wearing. The only downside being that the finish was not quite what we expected. We had an image in our mind of a glass finish varnish but instead the finish is fairly pitted and uneven. I have a feeling that we didn't rub it down enough after so many coats of varnish. Don't get me wrong, the wheel looks far better than it had done but it's still not perfect.

We'll think about rubbing it back slightly and adding another twenty coats of varnish next year as the season is closing in quickly and we still have some other bits and pieces to do before that happens.

Overall, we're happy with the wheel (not 100% but it's a good first try!) and combined with the refurbished throttle control assembly, the helm is looking far neater. We're slowly eliminating those little details that aesthetically ages the boat.

Lastly, we were unable to get the rear Morse Controls steering bezel chromed. The bezel is now obsolete so we can't buy another chrome one. We didn't get it re-chromed as the unit itself is plastic and the price for the company to re-chrome just that was astronomic. We'll either purchase a black one or leave it how it is. Something to forget about now and pick up either in the winter or next year.

As some additional news, we called the company that is meant to be refurbishing Bandit's starboard engine distributor and they've not even looked at it yet. The likelihood us having Bandit running this weekend is slim but patience is important. We just pray this will cure out problem once and for all!


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