Not a Normal Weekend

This weekend is the Saint Ives Illuminated Light Parade at Saint Ives Quay, Cambridgeshire.

This event is only held every other year and we were lucky enough to be at the last one in 2014. It's always a brilliant show with floods of people, many forms of entertainment such as live bands and fireworks and of corse, it's such a different event to watch. Boaters sign up to enter their boat in the competition and cover their boat in lights that suit that year's theme. The idea this year is to have a patriotic themed light show.

I've had a glimpse of the boats entering the competition this year and it all looks fantastic. Very much looking forward to later this evening.

We've got some friends joining us this year too. We're currently moored at the quay and behind us is Al Dente, a Nidelv 28 Classic. Joining us very shortly will be Josie, the other Sealine 290 Ambassador who moored at the marina just downstream from ours.

I'll attempt to get some pictures from my iPhone but I fear that they won't come out too well. Will have to see!


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