More Refurbishments + Additions

While having Bandit's steering wheel off for refurbishment, we thought that we might as well do some other bits and pieces while we are at. Along with the removal of the steering wheel, we've also disassembled the throttle controls and today I've been rubbing down the corroded arms and have primed the arms three times. We decided to spray them in satin black to match the leather knobs, buttons and trim. All I've done today is prime the arms and I'll leave them 24 hours to let the primer harden. At the weekend, we'll give them a few coats of satin black paint. It's amazing how dirty the leather knobs were too. They've also come up really nicely by using a sponge and some EVM cleaner. Something else we realised after disassembling the unit is just how yellow the plastic cover has become over the years. I've attempted to whiten the cover again using bleach but it's not done much. I will experiment with a few other things.
Our very naked control assembly
Control arms hanging in the cockpit to allow primer to harden overnight

The second thing I've done today is fit a stainless steel 'shell vent' over the anchor locker drain hole. The drain hole always looks green with a long orange streak coming from it and I've seen so many boats with this stainless vent to hide it. I thought I'd do the same for the matter of three quid. It actually looks alright and importantly, covers the hole and the green muck that always seems to gather.

During the week, I ordered an iPad suction cup mount for the boat. Our Garmin 172C chartplotter is brilliant but we can't buy the GPSmap cards for it anymore. We ideally need one for The Wash as this is where we will use Bandit at sea. None to be found anywhere online... So instead, I've downloaded the Navionics Boating app which was about £50. This essentially turns your iPad into a fantastic, accurate chartplotter. The only thing being is that the iPad has to have the cellular functionality to work with the Navionics app. We can now simply mount the iPad at the helm where I can see it for when we venture out to The Wash.

Lastly, I've fitted a 'PURYTEC Head Treatment System' to our Jabsco sea toilet in the heads. The idea of this little device is as you pump water into the bowl, it mixes with a bit of this PURYTEC putty and leaves the water in the bowl smelling very fresh. It's also a chemical which keeps the bowl clean too. It was £18 for the first kit containing the T-piece and bottle. We never used to pump water into the bowl because it would always smell horrid so this device is brilliant. The refill bottle is only £7 and I expect it will last quite a long time. The stuff in the bottle actually smells lovely and conveys a clean feeling when you open the heads door. It was super simple to fit too; just cut the pipe (from the pump to behind the bowl), wedge the T-piece in and screw on the bottle. It works perfectly without any leaks but if you wanted to be extra sure, you could use a couple of hose clamps.

All fitted to our Jabsco Compact Sea Toilet


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