A Very Happy Boater

Today I've, yet again, been ploughing through our endless to-do-list. The more I complete these tasks the more I begin to realise just how much of a perfectionist I seem to have become where the boat is concerned. To say we like everything working and done properly is an understatement.

So with that, here's what I've been up to today;

Firstly, I put our new Sealine Forum burgee on the pulpit of the boat at the bow, alongside our white Sealine flag. I think it looks really nice beside the other flag and evens out the front a bit. It's a proud feeling to fly those flags plus it advertises the forum to other Sealine owners who may not be aware of the page. The flag itself is made of a lovely material and looks to be made beautifully. The colour is nice too and beside the white Sealine flag, it does stand out. Happy days!

Next was to replace some fittings below deck. On the floor in a 290A is a square removable hatch which allows access to the bilge and toilet seacocks. The stainless steel lift ring that folds down always seems to break after a short period of time. It seems the spring mechanism that retracts the pull ring breaks and you then end up tripping over it and bending it. I've purchased another one today from the chandlery (the fourth, at that) and fitted it. I turned the hatch round so you do not lift it from the other side. Maybe the spring kept breaking because we were tugging it in the wrong direction? We'll have to see.

Next was to fashion an anchor snubber for the chain. Folks at the marina told me that it's bad to have the weight of the boat pulling from the windlass and that you should either use a rubber snubber or fashion something that you can clip to the chain and loop round the cleats, taking the pressure off the windlass. That's exactly what I've done. I made this anchor snubber from some 8mm rope we had laying about, one clip and a stainless ring. Working at the boatyard, I've learnt to splice 3-strand rope so I've used those skills to create the snubber. It turned out great actually so we'll certainly use it when we head out to the wash and anchor up for a longer period of time. If using the anchor for a shorter period, I wouldn't worry about using this rope.

Lastly, I came across some blue and grey striping that the owner before last had purchased and put on the side of the boat. Thankfully there was plenty left so I used some in the heads. I was only really doing it for the sake of running out of interesting things to do. Amazingly, it looks fantastic and really adds some detail to the otherwise plain-design heads. I'm not too sure about the striping on the cabinet door but I'll see what Dad thinks before doing anything more.


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