Sealine Meet Up!

Not too long ago, we were introduced to some people through one of our boaty friends on a Facebook page dedicated for the boaters of the River Great Ouse. They have a Sealine S28 called 'Seabird' and an S23 called 'xxxSaphirexxx'. They moor quite a way up the river from us so we decided to set a date and meet in a location where we can sit down for the weekend and get to know everyone. As they got close, we got a call via the VHF radio saying these were nearly there. These two boats were absolutely stunning. Bandit is a 1991 Sealine 290 whereas these others were the year 2000 onwards so the chance in styling and design was fairly different. Although, they did still look fantastically sporty and Sealine-like. We got everyone safely tied up and we were quickly invited on Seabird for a drink. I'm so happy that we've met some new people who share the same love of Sealine's to us. We've almost created a Sealine Club on the river without even knowing it. Our other close friends on Josie, a boat identical to Bandit, quickly joined us too and we all had a good look around one another's boats. On Saturday evening, Seabird and Saphire pushed off and headed for Ely. We felt quite down knowing we would be heading to Ely next week instead as it would have been nice to go to Ely as the Sealine Club that we've blindly created. No matter, we've been talking about a group trip where we all head out to The Wash. It would be the first time we've been to sea in one of our boats but it will feel nice knowing we're putting Bandit back where she belongs for a bit. We've not experienced the sheer power of Bandit's V6 engines so we very much look forward to putting the throttles down. Josie, Saphire and Seabird all have smaller diesel engine's so I think Bandit will do us proud! After discussing this, ourselves and Josie then moved just upstream slightly from the quayside and parked up overnight outside the hotel where it was a little quieter.
Seabird navigating St Ives bridge with the addition of her folding radar arch
Moored up at St Ives quay
Moored up at St Ives quay
Bandit's new LED radar arch lighting + blue LED's
Sun sun sun!!
Seabird leaving the quay
Bandit and Josie at the Dolphin Hotel, just upstream from St Ives quay
Being a little 'nosey' towards Josie...

Saturday evening, after Seabird and Saphire had set off for Ely, I decided to fit our new LED strip lights that we purchased for the pelmets down below. They were fairly easy to run and look fantastic. Only downside being we purchased them with a remote dimmer as we knew they were bright but the LED's themselves are non-dimmable. The blue LED lights are far too bright really so we'll need to order another lot and ensure they are dimmable. They'll do for now, though...although, it does make Bandit look like a tanning saloon with the amount of blue light that shows through the windows from the outside!
Our new (and FAR too bright) LED pelmet lighting

I'll be down during the week completing some little jobs that we've added to the list this weekend. Things such as cleaning the engine bay bilges, cleaning off the upholstery, replacing the windlass circuit breaker as it's faulty and generally having a good tidy up.
Floppy anchor :(
Circuit breaker decided to fail as I was putting the anchor down for added reassurance at the public quayside


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