Sealine Forum Burgee

It's always exciting when a package comes through the door knowing that something inside it is for our Sealine 290 Ambassador, Bandit.

Today we had a package through the letter box addressed to me from Marine Teak. Earlier last week I had ordered a new burgee flag for Bandit. We've already got the white Sealine flag flying but I wanted to have the Sealine Forum one flying too. When on the water, I'm always spotting lots of different flags flying from the pulpit of boats and it's interesting to see what kind of clubs of forums the boaters are a part of. Being on the river, we commonly come across the Freeman Owners Club flag and the Fairline flags.

I'll get another flag pole from our marina's chandlery when we're next down and mount it to the pulpit at the bow of the boat alongside our Windy height indicator flag and the Sealine flag.

Sealine Forum burgee pennant


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