Refurbishing Our Old Style Eltrim Trim Tab Controller

Since purchasing Bandit, another thing we've realised is that the controller at the helm for the Eltrim trim tab's was very intermittent. One button would work fine all the time but the others either had to be pressed extremely hard or just didn't work at all. We plan to take Bandit to the Wash later this year and we want the tabs functioning properly so we can have a bit of fun on the water.

For the most part, we don't use the tabs on the river at 4mph but it was just another thing that wasn't working and that's not how we like things to be. I dived onto the internet and found a company that sell the buttons and refurbish kit containing a five sets of screws and o-rings for the switches. I gathered that if I was going to disassemble the entire unit, I'd just purchase x1 red, x1 green and x2 white buttons and call it a day. Those buttons plus the kit and packaging from Leeds cost 22 quid. Not bad really.

I have no experience with these controls (or electronics for that matter...) so I had planned to just jump in and deal with it as it happens. Thankfully, while surfing the Sealine Forum last night, I found a thread that someone had created showing you how to replace the buttons step by step. Thank goodness for that forum! It's helped us out so much since the purchase of our Sealine. Cheers guys!

Anyway, as it happens, the job itself wasn't too hard at all. All that was needed was some basic tools and a soldering iron. I followed the instructions from the forum and 1.5 hours later, it was all back together. I'm happy to say that it all went back perfectly and works as if it was new! Yippee - another thing fixed. Checking that off our list.

Link to Sealine Forum thread:
'How to fix old style Eltrim trim tabs switches.'
[Note] You'll need to have an account on the forum to view the thread.


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