Back to Southampton - Day 3: Farewell, Southampton!

Thursday 10th August 2016

Today was our last full day in Southampton. Today we planned to head to Bucklers Hard to have a look around and watch the Beaulieu River that runs through the end of the village. My Nan grew up in one of the cottages along the waterfront there so it's always nice to come down and feel like the village is a part of our family history. Where I grew up in Southampton and was very close to my Nan, she used to take me around there many years ago so it always sparks some lovely memories.
Sadly, I had come down will a nasty migraine so we cancelled planned to head down there. It was a
real shame as I really looked forward to seeing it again.

As the day went on, we then drove down to Ashlett Creek to have a meal at the pub there as it was curry night! Ashlett Creek means a lot to us as it was where my Grandad has his Searay 220, Jeana before he passed away in 2003. We walked around to the mooring jetties and looked at where Jeana was once moored. If you're familiar with the Creek, you know how DIY the pontoons look. None are alike and that's because my Grandad and his friend were the first to build their own mooring that stretched into the basin there at the very end. He started the trend and eventually, they all started to appear where the boat owners were putting together their own DIY mooring jetties. It's quite sad to see where his and his friend's boats once were but it does feel comforting knowing that his jetty that he built is still exactly as it was and still in use today. Even with the same padlock and plank, that drops down on a hinge; one of Grandad's safety features to keep people from walking down the jetty to his boat.
Moorings at Ashlett Creek
High tide at Ashlett Creek
The Ashlett Mill pub & Sailing Club (1861)
Looking over the marina from the pub
Grandad's DIY mooring with the boat that's been there since Jeana was moved off

We had a lovely curry in the pub and then set off back home to spend the evening as a family before setting off the next morning. It's sad to think our holiday was coming to an end but we had a truly fantastic time in Southampton and it was great to witness a bit of Cowes Week!


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