Time To Relax

This weekend has been one of the first that we've been able to sit back and actually relax.

Yesterday morning, we had a mechanic to do some fault finding for us. After a couple of hours, we all came to the conclusion that #3 cylinder is not firing properly. Strangely enough, after hearing this news, we are strangely happy. No, we're not happy that both heads need to be removed and re-machined with a new set of valves for #3 cylinder, we're happy that we finally know what we're dealing with. For the last few months, we've been constantly tinkering around with the engines trying to get them right and worrying about it as we've always failed to cure this problem. This has been the first weekend that we've been able to sit back and forget about the engine issues. We know that it's something that can be easily cured and that it's nothing serious. The engines will remain in the boat so it's just a case of ordering a torque wrench and getting on with it.

Where we haven't been tinkering this weekend, we've actually had a chance to return to the 'real' world of boating. Since we purchased Bandit, we've occasionally cleaned her with Starbright wash and wax shampoo. We haven't properly used rubbing compound and polished her, which is something we expected to be doing since she was unloaded from the lorry back in January. We were forever cleaning, cutting and polishing Bliss, our previous boat. We've simply had more major things that needed to be done. Dad went over the entire boat today, firstly with a cutting compound and then some of our fantastic polish. Meanwhile, I did a few cleaning jobs inside such as scrubbing the cockpit seating and generally tidying up inside where engine work always equals mess. It was so nice to feel that the engine troubles are almost behind us and we can actually focus on doing what we enjoy doing; cleaning and using the boat. After all, that's why we got her.
Looking nice and shiny again!

The mechanic did manage to smooth out the starboard engine a little bit yesterday so we took a trip up to Saint Ives Quay and spend a good few hours there in the sun, watching the river go by. We spoke to some good 'boaty friends' today while moored up at the town quay. It was so nice to feel like we were finally back in business.
St Ives Quay
Leaving St Ives Quay in Bandit (being careful not to damage our props as we leave)
Leaving St Ives Quay in Bandit
Something really hit us today. While we were sat there talking about our engine, we only then realised just how much we really do love our new Sealine 290 Ambassador. The boat is fantastic and we would not change a thing. It's very well designed, it's comfortable, she's been well looked after and when we get these heads re-machined and bolted back on, it will be the perfect boat. We're really beginning to see why we purchased Bandit in the first place and it feels so good to think we actually did make a good choice.

When we sold our Fairline Mirage, Bliss, we kept the ensign flag that we flew behind the boat so we could put it on Bandit when we got her. It was nice to think we still had a part of Bliss with us on our new boat. Since today, we both completely forgot about it so today I purchased a new stainless steel flag pole that fitted the original Sealine holder and we can now fly the flag once again. It's just another little detail that means quite a lot. Happy days!
Flying Bliss' ensign


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