Things To Be Doing

Over the last few days, we've made time to check off some jobs from the never-ending to-do-list.

The first job on the list was to clean all of the cockpit vinyl upholstery. After messing around with oil-covered engine parts, the cockpit was absolutely splattered with oily handprints. It was all over the fibreglass but most of it found its way into the grain of the vinyl. I took a visit to the marina chandlers and picked up some EVM spray boat cleaner. I always notice just how much of this stuff we sell but have never tried it out for myself until now. In short, the product is phenomenal! It worked fantastically for removing oil from the vinyl and on the fibreglass. In addition, we sprayed a bit onto our teak flooring and scrubbed it with a brush. To our surprise, it came up fantastically! Every single product we have previously tried in order to remove the stains from our new teak failed miserably. This EVM took it straight out. In total, we've purchased three bottles. One on the go, two for backup as rumour has it this spray might not be around for much longer. I'm sure we'll use it up very quickly none the less. As a bonus, after reading the sticker, I noticed the boat they'd decided to advertise on their product packaging was a Sealine 310 Ambassador! Even better!!

Next on the list was to begin the long task of fitting our new LED lights. Four for the cockpit, two for the galley and three for the saloon. Currently, we've remade the centre cockpit panel out of MDF and covered it in our fablon-like material. We would have used the previous panel but the wood was rotten and the holes for the lights were far too large. Today before work, I fitted the two lights to this panel and marked & drilled the screw holes. Before we left the boat this afternoon, I glassed over a couple of thread-stripped holes in the arch using fibreglass filler and will redrill the holes tomorrow. The lights themselves are incredibly bright...maybe a little too bright. We're not too sure yet as we've not seen them in the dark but better to be too bright than too dim. Plus, these LED lights will use up very little power from our brand new 110amp/hr domestic leisure battery so it's not really a problem.

More jobs on the list but I'll get to those as the week goes on.


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