Happy Days!

Today, I've been up to quite a bit regarding the boat.

I got up this morning and awaited the arrival of our new Volvo Penta cylinder head from Tricket Marine. As predicted by the courier, the parcel arrived at 12:20 dead on. I unwrapped it and took a quick look before then heading to the bus stop and getting the bus to Saint Ives to be at the boat for the afternoon. I didn't really plan to do anything but I thought I'd probably feel inspired to do something when I got there.

After sitting in the cockpit noticing all the mess, I thought I'd get up and do some cleaning. Yesterday, I spent the day aboard Josie (the second of three Sealine 290's on the river, and also our good friends) to help them do some electrical work to their anchor windlass. After quickly diagnosing their windlass problem, we then spent the afternoon cleaning Josie. It was amazing how much I enjoyed cleaning someone elses boat but I did. This might have encouraged me to take a closer look at our filthy Sealine and do something about it... Josie did look fantastic after her clean.

In the end, I cleaned the entire cockpit of the boat while the seating is stored out the way while we're doing some engine work. More about that in a bit. I went over the whole cockpit with soapy water and Ciff and then twise again wish polish and then buffed it up to a shine with a clean cloth. It's incredable how dull the fibreglass inside had gone. I mean, it wasn't dull but it had lost that nice sparkle which it how has again. The problem is that we're going to be in the engine bays again this weekend so I imagine it'll all be covered in oily handprints again before the weekend is over. No matter, I'll just have to do it again.
Cleaning the radar arch
All interior fibreglass cleaned!
Now on to other news... Our new cylinder head arrived today and thankfully it's the correct one!! This calls for a celebration!! The head itself is brand new and came with new valves. This really has to be a 'bolt on and go' kind of job! Tomorrow, we're getting the boat nice and early to begin the reassembly of the starboard engine. We have all new gaskets for everything so it should all be good for the next ten years or so. The only problem we're having is turning the engine over in order to do the valve adjustment for the engine timing. The engine simply wont move but I think it's because it's connected to a large gearbox (aka the Volvo outdrive). Not sure how we'll manage this but I'm sure we will find a way - we always seem to.

Bandit's new V6 Volvo Penta cylinder head
Bandit's new V6 Volvo Penta cylinder head
Dad's boot all loaded back up! Including painted rocker covers and inlet manifold

More as it happens tomorrow! Fingers crossed, please!!


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