A little news regarding the situation with Bandit's starboard engine.

After looking online for somewhere that might be able to give us some guidance regarding our shot right-hand side cylinder head, we've been given some information that will help us move forward with the problem. The problem itself is that the head can be refurbished but at quite a cost and it will take quite a while. This isn't really ideal as we want to be using Bandit as soon as possible as the weather has really taken a turn for the best where we live. It is currently 28ÂșC here with little wind; perfect boating weather! For the other boater's that is...

So the news; we've purchased a brand new cylinder head for the engine. We ordered it from Tricket Marine in Poole as they have 13 available. The good news is that they will ship it from their main store in France and it'll be at their location in Poole in a couple of days time. We've paid extra for next day delivery to our home in Cambridge too - a whole £8!! We were expecting them to come up with something like 50 quid for next day delivery so this was brilliant news. The bad news, however, is that this new cylinder head cost us nearly £600 in total. This does include everything already fitted to the head so it really is a 'bolt-straight-on' job. They tell us it will very likely be here before the weekend so Dad can reassemble the engine on Saturday while I'm at work and we can then have a trial run on Sunday, making any necessary adjustments to the timing etc... on the same day. This means we will have a clear weekend coming up afterwards where we can enjoy the river and our nice running engines. That's the plan anyway.

Another thing that arrived today was a package from Keyparts that included all new gaskets for the two cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, exhaust risers and inlet manifold. £60 worth of gaskets.

It's not cheap, this boating hobby.

All new gaskets ready for the engine reassembly


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