Engine Reassembly Time - Day 2

Today, we've been finishing the reassembly of Bandit's V6 petrol engine. Yesterday, we left off with heads, rockers and rocker covers bolted together. Today, we've attached the exhaust manifolds, exhaust risers, alternator, power steering pump, plugs, carburettor and drive belts.

This evening, I bring you good news!!

We got to the boat at 7:30 this morning and set straight to business. After a couple of hours, we had everything bolted on and torqued up. Before putting the plugs in, we cranked her over a couple of times to ensure the engine moved freely after adjusting the valve timing at the rockers. It all sounded and felt great so we continued to put everything back together. After three nervous cranks, she fired up and ran decently. Finally, something that's actually gone to plan! Then it was then a matter of adjusting the distributor to get the timing marks lined up to 8ºATDC. That went smoothly so we left her ticking over for about 10-15 minutes to ensured everything was fine after the engine had warmed right the way through. We need to do routine checks for the next couple of weeks to ensure no leaks develop as the engine expands and contracts with the heat.

We took the opportunity to have a cruise ten minutes up the river and moored up at The Quay at Saint Ives for the afternoon. I'm happy to say that the engine ran far better than it used to. before it's complete rebuild. However, there is still a slight shake when you reach 1000rmp so we think there is some further adjustment to be done to the carburettor. Maybe the fuel filters need some attention as when we know there is still some 'sludge' in the tank (from when we drained it a couple of months ago) which would have been sucked up when we ran our of fuel not too long ago. We also need to replace the coils on each engine as we've been told they are looking a bit rough and might be close to breaking down. Not a problem, though. We've done everything else so why stop there?

A nearly reassembles Starboard engine



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