Engine Reassembly Time - Day 1

Today has been day one of our engine rebuild. Thankfully, the new cylinder head for the right-hand side of Bandit's Volvo Penta V6 engine arrived before the weekend which means we are able to reassemble the engine and get her back up and running - thank goodness and about time!!

I was working at the marina today so my only option was to leave Dad to it and check up periodically throughout the day. Luckily, I can say it all seemed to go well.

We both got up at 7:30 and got to the boat for about 8:00 ish. I started work at 9:00 so we were able to unload the car and set up before I headed off. Where I wasn't there to see how the engine went back together, I'm unable to say whether it all went smoothly or not. All I know is that when I got back from work at 17:30, Dad had seemed to have made good progress. He managed to get both heads back on, put the 12 push rods and rockers in and timed the engine. Time will tell if it was done properly but I have faith as Dad seemed fairly confident it all went to plan. The only trouble we've had today was turning that engine over without the use of the starter motor. We had to do it by hand as using the started would have taken years to get the position of the pulley in the correct place in order for us to time up the engine. We borrowed a specialist strap from our marine mechanic but the shape of the hull and position of the stringers meant we were unable to use it. In the end, Dad cut up a length of rope, fashioned an eye at each end using two hose clips and then used a long screwdriver to turn the engine over. We've then bolted on the newly painted rocker covers with their new gaskets. To end the day, we managed to get the inlet manifold bolted on too. Everything being carefully and correctly torqued up using our new torque wrench.

Not much more to do now so we'll be back at the boat for 8am tomorrow morning to get the rest of the bits bolted back on. We've got to put the two exhaust manifolds and risers back on, bolt on the alternator and drive belt, bolt on the power steering pump and then connect up all of the pipes to the correct spot. Then we'll crank the engine over using the starter motor to ensure it all moves smoothly. If all goes well, we will then refit the carburettor and six spark plugs. Then comes the moment we're not looking forward to; seeing if the engine starts after we've had it all apart. We very much hope everything has gone back together correctly and that she'll fire straight up and run like a dream! Fingers tightly crossed!

A very naked engine - before we began the reassembly
Her heads are on! New one at the bottom
Rockers, rocker covers and inlet manifold bolted back on. Nearly there!
Enjoying the evening after reassembling half the engine


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