The Silent Killer - Carbon Monoxide

On our previous boat, Bliss, there was a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the galley just above the cooker. Failing to realise how serious carbon monoxide can be, we removed it as it kept going off randomly. Thinking about it now, this was extremely stupid. What if the alarm was actually telling us something?

After hearing the dreadful news regarding the deaths of the two people and their dog on the Norfolk Broads not too long ago, we went out and purchased another carbon monoxide alarm to mount in Bandit. After reading about our new alarm, we realised that the reason why the one on Bliss kept going off is because it was mounted just inches away from the cooker. The alarm is meant to be at least 3 meters from any cooking appliance on the boat in order to function as it should. The alarm on Bandit is now mounted by the speakers at the very bow of the boat, a good 3+ meters from the hob and cooker. Luckily, we have diesel fired heating instead of gas fired heating onboard so this isn't a worry. The cause of deaths on the Broads is still unknown but it will be interesting to be aware of what was the killer for those unlucky individuals and their dog.

I very much recommend that every boat has a carbon monoxide alarm. Ours cost us £10 plus shipping and needs to be replaced every five years (and checked every so often to ensure it still functions correctly). For something that could potentially save your life, £10 is absolutely nothing at all. After looking online regarding the tragic incident on the broads, it appears that it will soon be compulsory to have a fully functional carbon monoxide alarm on your boat to pass your safety certificate (if a safety certificate is requited in your area).

Our LIFESAVER carbon monoxide alarm purchased from Amazon


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