Another Delivery

Last week, we ordered nine new downlights for above the saloon, galley and cockpit.

The one thing we didn't like about Bandit was the little amount of lighting above the galley, saloon and cockpit. There is currently two halogen, dull lights in the radar arch but we plan to replace these two and add two more round the sides for extra lighting while sitting out in the cockpit. There is one eyeball brass light above the hob and two above the saloon. That's it. So as you can imagine, there is very little light when it gets dark and it makes it hard to see things. In Bliss, we had eight lights below which provided the perfect amount of light. They were halogen but they had a nice cool white glow. The biggest problem with halogen is the amount of power they consume.

The new ones we've ordered for Bandit were from an online shop called dmlights. We had been looking online for ages to find some lights that were LED, looked decent and were quite thin as the space between the ceiling panels and the main fibreglass construction is very little. These new lights are 126 cool-white LED, 2.8W and produce 125 lumens. Now, I don't know what that really means but we've been reassured that they are bright and will do the trick. Say no more, we'll have em!

They are stainless steel with a frosted glass effect - just what we wanted. The only thing we need now is a 57mm cutter and we're ready to go! We've already fitted a three-switch light switch to the main bulkhead of Bandit so we plan to have the galley lights come on with the first switch, the ones above the saloon on the second and for the third, we plan on putting in some blue or purple LED strips under the pelmets around the saloon and galley. This should give a nice, subtle glow around the edges. That'll come later after we've completely re-designed the galley. The lights for the cockpit will simply be connected to the existing wiring in the radar arch.

Overall, a total of £186.48 spent on lights but we really do need them as we spend so much time on the boat. Fun fact: we spent every single weekend on Bliss last year apart from Christmas. We were back down on Boxing Day of this year.

14mm thick


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