After a day of tinkering, we finally got there - both of our newly reconditioned Rochester Quadrajet carburettors are on the engines and are working!

Yesterday, we had removed the 25-year-old carb from the port engine and strapped our new one back on. We had been told that all we had to do was start the engine and do some minor adjustments to the fuel/air mixture screws in order to get the engine running perfectly. Yeah right...

Nothing we did worked. We began with bolting the carb on and tried to fire her up. No luck. The engine would simply not start. It would occasionally fire, but never actually run.

So this morning, we continued the long process of adjusting the fuel/air mixture screws, 1/4 turn at a time, trying to start her but failing each time. We were then having to leave the engine 15 minutes each time to dry out as the carb had flooded it with petrol. This went on for about two hours. We then gave up and fitted our second new carb to the starboard engine.

We made sure that the starboard engine was warmed up with the 25-year-old carb before we bolted the new one on. In theory, this should ensure that the engine would fire and run as it didn't have to warm up. Thankfully, this all went to plan. The engine started and ran long enough for us to fiddle with the mixture screws. We finally got there. It was running fine. We then left the engine an hour to cool right down and attempted to start it again. No luck at all. After more tinkering, we realised that the electric choke was not set at all correctly. We slightly untightened the choke and carefully moved it around until the choke plates opened about 1.58mm, leaving a small gap for air to get into the carb as it attempts to start. This solved the issue. The engine fired immediately so we let it warm-up and concluded that this engine was running well.

It was then time to turn our attention back to the frustrating port engine. Firstly, we adjusted the choke to match the starboard side as this was clearly an issue. The engine fired and ran, blowing out lots of black, petrol-smelling smoke. It was clear that both the choke and fuel/air mixture screws needed some more adjusting.

We eventually got both engines running smoothly, thank goodness. Both the port and starboard engines now have new Rochester Quadrajet carburetors, a new set of leads, a new set of plugs and new distributor caps. We then realised that the rotor arms are in desperate need of replacement. That's our next job on the list and then we can continue to tinker with the port engine to get it right as it seems to be misfiring.

We're finally getting somewhere now. Currently, it's just the matter of replacing the last few bits so we can ensure everything is working correctly and should hopefully continue to work correctly.

Happy days!


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