Rained Out

The weather this week has not been too brilliant. On the upside, we've had warm temperatures at about 23ºC for most of the week but this type of weather usually welcomes thunderstorms.

We've had thunder and lightning on and off all week and along with that, Mother Nature has also sent us torrential rain. The part of the river that we are based on is very much affected by the rain. The Ouse runs up as far as Bedford right the way to Kings Lynn. On the map, we are based closer to Kings Lynn way (which is downstream) and therefore, any rain that the river collects upstream will find its way down to us within a couple of days.

Bandit has a very high air draught and because of this, if the river rises,we are in the selection of boats that become stranded on a very small stretch of river. As you turn out of the marina, there is a lock on the very left. If the river is too high, we can't get through the guillotine at the downstream end of the lock. Looking to the right, heading upstream, you have St Ives bridge which is about 5 minutes up the river. If the river is a bit high, we struggle to get under there as well. So, rain usually for us means a weekend wright-off.

Last weekend, the story was much the same. Bandit is 2.55 meters in air draught and the scale at the lock guillotine read 2.6 meters. The problem with this lock is that where the sluice beside the lock is gushing tonnes and tonnes of water through at once, the water in the lock bobs up and down which could potentially push the boat against the lock guillotine. Thankfully, we seemed to time it right and got under the guillotine as the water in the lock drained momentarily. We were heading out with our friends on their Sealine 290A to the marina downstream from our marina. 
Us squeezing under St Ives lock
11th June 2016
Following Josie downstream to the Pike & Eel Marina
11th June 2016

Luckily, the river was moving the last of the excess water downstream so by the time we were due to come through the lock, the water was pretty much back to normal giving us 3.0+ meters of headroom under the guillotine.

Looks like we might be stranded this weekend. No matter, there's still a jobs list that I'd like to get through before summer eventually arrives.


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