Out With The Old, In With The New

So today we decided to remove the old Rochester Quadrajet carburetor from the port engine and replace it with one of the new ones we'd ordered from the States.

So far, things haven't gone too smoothly...again. The company we purchased the carbs from claimed it had been pre-set for a Volvo Penta 4.3L engine but things didn't really seem that way when we tried to fire her up. This could be completely down to the characteristic of our specific engine, though. The engine simply won't start. We have had some success with attempting to play around with the fuel to air mixture screws but the engine still won't run. The screws were set at 4.5 turns outwards when they arrived and we've been told they should be no more than 2 turns outwards. So, we've turned them in and have slowly turned them out 1/4 at a time. We've had better luck though as the engine is actually firing, just not running yet. Dad reckons it could be where the oil has dried out where the engine hasn't been started for over a month and that it's just not getting enough compression. Each time the engine fires, the oil will begin to lubricate everything and we should then get some luck. Just a matter of keep trying.

The carb is just flooding with petrol where we keep trying to start it so we'll leave it to dry out and try again in the morning.


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