Bandit's New Carburetors

Today, our reconditioned Rochester Quadrajet carburetors arrived. Every bit of the two carbs have been replaced, apart from the metal casing which has been sandblasted and powder coated. They are practically brand new carburettors. Happy days!

It's been five long months of tinkering around inside the engine bays trying to get Bandit's twin Volvo Penta AQ205A 4.3l V6 petrol engines running as they should be. We've done so many things to the engines in an attempt to get them running as they should but everything we've done has made no difference what so ever.

After removing both the factory-fitted Rochester carbs, it was clear that they were very well used. We were convinced that these old carbs were the source of our problems so we decided to splash out on two reconditioned ones, that are practically brand new, and we will fit them one evening this week and see what happens.

The company we purchased the carburetors from are located in the USA. They did take their time to arrive but there are good reasons behind this:
1) When we first put an order in for the two carbs, the company had to find two old marine-spec ones, completely strip them, buy in the new bits for them and rebuild them for us.
2) The company would only ship the carbs to the USA so we had to get our friend who lives in the States to take them and ship them over to us instead.

So overall, it's taken a good month or more to receive the carbs from when we purchased them but that doesn't matter one bit as these will hopefully solve all issues that we've had with Bandit's engines.

Huge thanks to National Carburetors for helping us out

One of the rebuilt Rochester Quadrajet carburetors for Bandit


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