More LED Lighting!

I recently ordered two stainless steel oblong LED courtesy lights that I mounted to the two stairs leading down to the galley. The idea of these lights being that they will provide more of a practical glow instead of being there just for show. The LED lights were a mere £7.50 each from eBay and actually turned out to be really good quality lights with a nice stainless steel, flush finish. The LED's inside the light are arranged to face downwards which nicely glow onto the step which is just what we wanted.

Becuase I was so happy with how these two lights looked and performed, I decided to order three more which I have flush mounted in the cockpit to provide us with a practical glow wherever needed. There is one above the port side step and another above the starboard side step which we will use a lot in the evenings when moored side on along the river. The last one I mounted is just below the transom door at the rear of the cockpit. We've always found that there is never much light at the rear of the boat and where Bandit is always stern into her mooring in the marina, this darkness becomes a pain. At least now, these lights will illuminate the steps to make it easier to board the boat in the evenings. I simply linked all these five new lights up to one switch so they all illuminate at once. Currently, sunset is at 21:25 so it doesn't actually get dark until gone 22:00 and we are usually out by then anyway to be perfectly honest. The use will come more when the days begin to get shorter again.


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