Life on the River

As you'd expect, any time spent on any boat is great. It's especially brilliant for me because I use Bandit as a way of escaping the 'real world' at the weekends and evenings. It's a place where I can find time to relax and generally spend time doing what I have a passion for. It's important to get away from college stress and just enjoy the weather, wildlife and the water while I can.

The 2016 boating season has technically kicked off now but due to the awful weather we're currently getting in Cambridgeshire, there isn't much traffic on the water. To some, a quiet river is more their scene. However, I like a busy river because it makes it that little bit more interesting. There are more friendly people to talk to who share the same interest as you and I quite like some excitement and challenge when driving Bandit so a busy river for me is great. It's nice meeting new people and listening to their stories about their own boats. More times than not, everybody you meet is exceptionally friendly and loves a good chat.

These are some photos that I've taken while being out and about on the river over the last month or two.
Bandit moored up at the Dolphin Hotel, Saint Ives

A fellow Sealine called Destony 2 (and also our 'neighbours' at the marina)

A holiday hire canal boat trying to find a mooring that will accommodate the length

Nimbus 27 Familia - Mamma Mia

Shetland 27 navigating St Ives bridge

The newly born cygnets in our marina taking a swim with their mother

Josie following us downstream to the Pike & Eel Marina
On the move again
A very strange but stunning sunset over the marina
Flat calm water a couple of weeks ago when the weather was actually half decent

The main jobs for the upcoming weekend will be:

    1. Fitting some blue LED lighting to illuminate the entire bathing platform in the evenings.
    2. Fitting some subtle cool white LED courtesy lights to the stairs below deck.
    3. Final tuning to both carburetors as they're still running too rich.
    4. Taking measurements for new LED lights that we will get round to fitting to the ceiling down below. The lighting down there at the moment is quite pathetic so we plan on replacing and adding in a couple more lights.
    5. Taking note of current bulbs in every other light fitted to Bandit. We plan to replace each and every bulb to LED's as they are currently all halogen and take up far too much domestic power while on the batteries away from any shore power hook up.
     6. Removing the Volvo Penta throttle control arms as they need rubbing down and respraying in black.
    7. Generally clean the exterior and interior of the boat as it gets dirty within seconds it feels like.

We also need to get our Lowrance Link-5 VHF DSC radio sent off back to the manufacturer in order for them to reset the MMSI number from our previous boat. For legal reasons, you can only plug in the MMSI number once before having to send it off for a factory reboot. This needs to be done before we head out to The Wash this summer as we would be breaking the law otherwise.

More as it happens!


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