Some New LED Lighting

Last week, I ordered a couple of 12V stainless steel courtesy lights that I could mount on the stairs leading down to the galley. They were cheaper than others that I had looked at but I felt like they looked just as nice, if not nicer. They arrived yesterday so I planned to head down to the boatyard after I finished college to fit them.

They were quickly fitted and wired up to our Blue Sea Systems switch panel; a new set of switches that we added to the bulkhead down below that houses things such as the 12v and 240v Sealine control panels. This way, we could always add other auxiliaries that needed to be switched and they could all be in the same place.

The LED courtesy lights themselves look good for the money I paid. They were only £7.50 each with free postage and packaging. To be honest, if they had arrived and didn't look very good then it wouldn't have been a problem. They weren't expensive so I would have just not fitted them and accepted the fact that I'd lost 15 quid.

The two white LED courtesy lights on the steps beside the galley
They'll provide more of a use in the dark with any luck :)

I also replaced the unnecessarily large black plastic vent below the fridge for a smaller stainless steel one that I purchased from the chandlery at the marina this afternoon.

One issue I had with deciding to fit courtesy lights to the steps is that we had previously fitted one of the Eberspacher hot air outlets on the lowest step. This leaves no room for one of these lights which is a shame. No matter, the two we could fit look good and will be very useful in the evenings when it's dark.

We'll get three more of these courtesy lights on order and place two in the steps that are built into the bulkhead in the cockpit either side and another one below the transom door at the rear of the boat. Bandit has ten blue LED lights dotted around the cockpit which look fantastic but we'll have these cool white step lights on a separate switch for when we don't want the blue ones on. The new cool white ones are far more subtle and have more of a use than just looking good.

Overall, I'm happy with these lights and for 15 quid, who can complain? Now to get those other three on order. Happy days!


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