Fuel Sender Unit Fixed

Got to the boat earlier this morning and got straight to work by disassembling the guest cabin panels to eventually reveal the twin petrol tanks. After an hour of unscrewing and removing all the panels, I unbolted the two senders and took them out, being sure to fully ventilate the cabin and plug up the holes in the tank where the senders were with a cloth. Where petrol is so massively flammable, even a slight spark could send the whole boat up in a huge fireball.
The disassembled guest cabin

The senders in the tanks are the same ones fitted in the factory 25 years ago when Bandit was build. The sender itself is a float-type sender unit that moves an arm, connected to the sender body, up and down as you either full or use up the petrol, which sends a signal to the gauge at the helm. What had happened over the last 25 years is that, somehow, petrol had leaked into the float which made it sink slightly into the petrol, giving a false reading to the gauge. A simple fix was to poke a tiny hole into the float, squeeze out the petrol and put a tiny screw back into it to seal up the hole, making sure this hole was at the top of the float so no petrol could leak back into it. This solved the problem - our gauges are now reading correctly and I know they are as I dipped our two tanks with a stick to be sure.
Port and Starboard petrol float senders

I then spent the next hour replacing old screw covers on the cabin's panels and put everything back together bit by bit.


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