A New Face + Maiden Voyage

Bandit arrived at her new home on the River Great Ouse on the 13th January this year. At this point in time, our Fairline Mirage, Bliss was still up for sale. We decided to not move Bliss over to the marina's dedicated viewing pontoon for boats for sale until we had Bandit back. This way, we were still able to spend the weekends aboard the Mirage while she was up for sale.

Bandit and Bliss - 13th January 2016

The weekend following the day that Bandit arrived home, we spent a good two days moving over everything from Bliss and finding homes for everything aboard Bandit. Although getting our new Sealine back to the marina was extremely exciting, there was an incredibly sad side to this whole event. Moving everything that we've had on Bliss for five years over to Bandit sparked so many memories that we've had with Bliss and it was very hard to convince ourselves that she would no longer be ours in a couple of weeks. We had to think positive and the following Saturday, we said out goodbyes to Bliss moved her over to the sales pontoon where she could be viewed by the public 7 days a week. Luckily, Bliss was purchased by a couple who would be taking the boat to the Norfolk Broads - the perfect place for this Mirage. It was also nice to know that the owners would take such incredible care of her, just like we had for the past five years. Bliss was transported to the Boards late April 2016, never to be seen by us again. A very sad feeling really...

Back to Bandit... With every boat we've owned over the years, we've always enjoyed the maiden voyage as a family. This time was to be no different. We invited everyone down and took a trip up the river a short way and returned back to the marina. Sadly, the river levels were too high and the water was running too fast for us to chance to squeeze under the low bridge at Saint Ives and we didn't want to damage our new boat on its first voyage. No matter, since then, we've had some lovely days out on the river as a family since then.

It has taken a long time to get used to how Bandit handles. She has 410 total HP, V6 engines compared to the 200 total HP, straight 4 engines that were in Bliss. As you can imagine on my first time driving Bandit, I did as I usually would in Bliss; got out onto the river and throttled up to about 2000RPM. In Bliss this would get us going at a good 5-6mph which is the speed limit of the river in our area. In Bandit however, got out onto the main river, took the revs up to 2000RPM as I usually did in Bliss and nearly took off down the river. The power that these V6 engines provide in mind blowing, plus the addition of duo-prop outdrives. The engines now tick over at less than 1000RPM down the river when we're out on the weekends. Luckily for us, there is a large stretch of water where we can open the throttles and burn some fuel to ensure the engines do get some higher revs than just 1000.

Cruising the River Great Ouse


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